Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I AM the Crazy List Lady

Obsess over
Like lists. A lot. Excel is my dream come true. They make me happy in a deep and fulfilling way.

My husband can attest to this fact, lists litter our home. I have to-do lists, packing lists, menu lists, shopping lists, grocery lists… if it is a list, well, it probably lives here.

My husband likes lists too. Not as much as I do, but I think he takes pride in my list-loving self. We rarely forget anything when we are on a trip. Wha-cha, see it has its purposes!!!

So today, I am giving you my packing lists, so you too may never forget anything at home. If you are as anal as I am, you will end up taking your list with you to repack and make sure everything comes home with you as well.

Kudos to our list making selves!!!

I am giving these to you in JPG form, but if for any reason you have issues saving them, I would be happy to email you a PDF, just let me know!!!!

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